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Our Office Now Has Digital X-rays & 

Intraoral Photography!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 


Some of our patients have concerns about radiation exposure when receiving dental x-rays.   With our new digital technology, this exposure is reduced to half.  There are not any chemicals or film involved, making this new system environmentally friendly as well.

Traditional x-rays took approximately 10 minutes to process.  Our digital system takes only seconds for your x-ray to appear on our computer screen.  This allows the doctor to immediately view and diagnose any problems that may exist.  The digital system is also more accurate versus traditional x-rays.  Dr. O'Brien can enlarge and enhance the contrast of the image for a more precise diagnosis.

The digital x-ray system allows for better communication between referring doctors and insurance companies.  Our office can now e-mail copies of x-rays to them for easier and quicker access.


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